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Well, we continue to work on the house.  We’ve got all the windows installed, thanks to some professional help, but we still had to drywall & finish the upstairs windows that were too small for the space.  Thanks to Mom & Dad, the kids rooms have been finished and Andrew’s has even been painted.  Wanted to show some pictures of the work that we did.


Here are the upstairs windows after Tom had framed them and replaced the siding and trim - but not painted yet.


Here's the finished project - you can't even tell that it's new - great job, babe!

Next, I posted pictures earlier about the tiling project we did in the kitchen.  Here is the finished product.


Just changing this part of the kitchen makes me excited for the day when I can really work on the kitchen - painting/staining the cabinets, making new curtains, painting even?

Finally, I painted Andrew’s room after almost two years in this house.  I put it off for a long time because he has a habit of digging holes in his wall with pencils – and chipping paint off surfaces – and writing on the walls.  I’ll probably kick myself a month from now for putting this much time into the decor of his room – but it does look cute.


The letters on the wall are stuffed letters made of felt that Haley made and gave Andrew for Christmas.

So – in between working on the house, I have been lazy – so what else is new??

03. June 2009 by Johanna
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  1. the house looks good – and you haven’t been lazy, you’re posting on the blog more frequently than me!!!

  2. The house looks great. Tom is so meticulous, you would never know that it had been changed. As for Andrew’s room – what a fun look. I can’t wait to see it in person. How does Andrew like it? Tell him I miss him and that he can come again as soon as he is off track. So glad to hear that there has bee movement on the job search. Keep in touch. Love you all Mom

  3. mom- andrew is liking his room – so far only a little paint chipping on his air vent (which will be hidden behind his dresser as soon as we finish painting it). No holes or pencil yet.

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