A new tenant


I have this lovely wreath on my door that makes me think of spring. This year it is really making me think of spring. Does it look a little bulky on top? It should. It’s hiding a nest!


And inside that nest… Eggs!


These are real bird-laid eggs, not some clever decoration from the local craft store.  Our front door has a handy window right above the nest where we can get a little peek at eggs and mommy – though the bird is pretty skittish and I finally taped a piece of paper over the window so she wouldn’t take off every time we walked past the door.


This is the best picture I could get of her without scaring her off. But we’ve seen her up close through our front window when she has perched on our hanging baskets. I finally found a picture online – she’s a House Finch.


Isn’t she pretty? Big problem though. We can’t use our front door! Not sure how to handle people coming to the door…

07. April 2016 by tjsjohanna
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  1. How cool! We’ve had some babies hatch out in our trees. They are so fun to watch…and they grow fast! Happy Spring!

  2. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

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