The Garage Project

This is only six years in the making – no big deal, right??  We have a garage that will accommodate two cars when not filled with assorted stuff (I’m not calling it junk – just stuff we don’t use super often …).  We’ve never parked a car in this garage since we moved into this house. Shameful, I know.  But we (and by “we” I mean “I”) have been on a mission to make the garage useful, easy to keep picked up, and able to accommodate at least one vehicle.  As of today, that mission is officially complete (except there is no car parked yet because we are awaiting pickup of our old fridge that is sitting in the cleared space in the garage).  So, here are some pictures of the feat!

Here we can see the old kitchen cabinets we installed (now holding all sorts of garage supplies) along with our lovely new workbench, complete with a lower shelf and rolling drawers.

This is a close up of the drawers. We used up scrap wood – thus the funky shelf paper “decor”.

My husband has an impressive collection of clamps – I’m pretty pleased with my storage solution.

We have THREE Gorilla racks, but evidently we still needed more storage. Here’s our camping equipment collection (minus sleeping bags that are stored inside). You’d think we were big campers or something …

Here are said Gorilla racks – sorry the picture is a bit out of focus …

Lastly, we finally have a place to store the ladder! (but Tom bought a gigantic A frame ladder last weekend, so we still have a ladder with no permanent home …).

I like to go in the garage and gaze fondly at all our hard work – I love that everything has a place now, and nothing is stacked behind something else. Can’t wait to park a car in here!!

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