First World Problems

I’ve been thinking about the saying going around the internet – “this is a first world problem”. Last weekend we went out to Vernal, Utah to visit Tom’s mother. Because she broke her hip before Christmas, she’s been recovering in a care center. We spent the two days we were there hanging out with her. Most residents we saw were […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m still in bed in my pjs at almost 10am. It’s so nice to just be lazy after the last minute rush to get to Christmas. Though this has been my best December personally in about five or six years. Somehow I managed to side step the usual unbearable pressure to “get everything done”. […]

The Great Bedroom Shuffle

I’ve waited a long time to post this because I was waiting to be done with Spencer’s room and it didn’t get finished until right before he came home from BYU. We decided to move Haley to the basement when Spencer went away to college. She was totally excited – Spencer was totally not happy. I tried to mollify him […]

Organizing – Near to my Heart

I’m an organizing nerd. There is nothing I like better than to sort and purge and then put back together so that it is all pretty. I once went and bought 20-30 spice bottles and then made labels so that my spice cupboard would look pretty and could be easily alphabetized (and yes, we have at least that many spices […]

Promised Pictures …

So, I promised pictures of a few things, like the garage and the driveway. Here they are … Next step – build a workbench. We (meaning Tom and I) are having a difference of opinion about what kind of workbench we should have. It may be awhile before we get it done … I tried to get a picture at […]

Back to School in a Big Way

Last month I took my oldest son to college … those are words I thought would not be spoken for a LONG time. Yet here we are. For once I’m agreeing with Tom – we should have waited and had Spencer go to kindergarten when he was almost six instead of almost five. Then I’d have one more year with […]

Promised Vacation Post

Anyone notice how fast this summer went??  I thought it would really drag since all my kids had a full summer this year (our first since Spencer started school here in Highlands Ranch.  We’ve been doing year round school up until this past year).  But between a quick trip out to Provo to celebrate Aaron Watson’s wedding (our nephew) and […]

Still Alive …

I keep thinking, “that would make a great blog post!” and then never writing ANYTHING! Posts to come: Our vacation to San Diego – I even have pictures!  Just need to sit down and write Taking Spencer to BYU – it does involve tears and I don’t think there is much in the way of pictures The start of school […]

Look what we’ve been doing …

Our garage is the black hole of our home. Periodically I try to re-organize it, but it refuses to be organized. It just reverts to the heap of tools and camping gear and random tennis balls and tools (did I mention tools??? – we have TWO table saws for heavens sake!!). This past fall we replaced our kitchen cabinets and […]